Thursday, 22 October 2009

i know i'm gonna love all of these songs..
1. Wild Horses
2. I Dreamed A Dream
3. Cry Me A River
4. How Great Thou Art
5. You'll See
6. Daydream Believer
7. Up To The Mountain
8. Amazing Grace
9. Who I Was Born To Be
10. Proud
11. The End of The World
12. Silent Night
.. n i already did!

::teringat lagu The end of the World salah satu lagu feveret ms nyanyi ramai2 kt bilik muzik ngn cikgu Cico kt Mrsm Ktn 15 thn yg lalu..oh cepatnye ms berlalu..di mn kah cikgu cico yg sntiasa dlm kesepian itu?

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